The Advertising Association About the Advertising Association

The Advertising Association is the only organisation that represents the entire UK advertising industry, and its membership consists of advertisers, agencies and media owners. The Advertising Industry is worth £19 billion, and is the largest of the UK's creative service industries, which form some 7% of the UK economy. The Advertising Association's role is to promote and protect advertising, communicate its commercial and consumer benefits, and seek the optimal regulatory environment for the industry.

The Advertising Association set up business4Life in 2008, a coalition of companies representing the food and drink, retail, media, advertising, fitness and health industries, partnering with Government to support its Change4Life movement. b4L's members have pledged a £200 million in-kind contribution by using their marketing, branding and advertising skills to encourage better diets and more exercise.

Now in its fifteenth year the Food Advertising Unit is a constituent part of the AA, focusing on the issue of food and soft drink advertising to children. FAU membership is composed of multi-national food companies, agencies and the media, offering a holistic representation of the industry in the UK.

In a bid to establish intellectual authority at the heart of advertising, the Advertising Association set up the Front Foot initiative in late 2009. During 2010, the board will establish a think-tank to conduct world-class research projects, and become the number one advocate of commercial communication in the UK.

In Europe, the Advertising Association chairs the Advertising Information Group, which provides tripartite advertising representation at EU-level.