Frequently asked questions

Purchasing, subscriptions and renewals

  1. Q: How can I subscribe to the Expenditure Report?
    A: You can subscribe online via the WARC store.

  2. Q: What is the cost of the report?
    A: The report costs £1,475, but can be purchased at a discounted rate of £975 by members or affiliates of the Advertising Association.

  3. Q: Am I a member, or affiliate, of the Advertising Association?
    A: The AA membership can be found in full here. Any organisation in the membership of any of these bodies is classed as an affiliate.

  4. Q: Can we purchase data on a one-off basis?
    A: No, it is not possible to purchase single tables or data series. The Expenditure Report is available as an annual subscription only.

  5. Q: What is included in my annual subscription?
    A: Your annual subscription gives you full online access to the Expenditure Report for one calendar year. This includes regular quarterly adspend updates (both historical data and forecast data) as well as any ad hoc updates or general improvements we make to the data coverage and to the site.

  6. Q: Can I share my logon details with colleagues?
    A: Please contact your Client Services Manager.

Problems accessing data

  1. Q: I've forgotten my password/username or my password/username is not working
    A: Please contact your Client Services Manager.

  2. Q: Who do I contact if there is a technical problem with the site?
    A: Please contact your Client Services Manager.

Navigating around the site

  1. Q: How do I access the latest data?
    A: You can access the latest data in two ways. You can either select from our list of standard tables or create your own custom table. Both these options enable you to open or save data in Excel format.

Data-related queries

  1. Q: Which media are covered in the Expenditure Report?
    A: The Report covers advertising expenditure across TV, newsbrands (national and regional), magazine brands (consumer and business), internet (including mobile), radio, cinema, out of home and direct mail.

  2. Q: How far back does the data go?
    A: The majority of our quarterly adspend data goes back to 1982. The internet data starts in 2000. We hope to upload annual data back to the 1960s over the coming year.

  3. Q: When can I expect data to be released?
    A: The release schedule is published on the bottom right of the Expenditure Report homepage. Generally, adspend data follows one quarter behind the calendar quarter. For example, Q3 2011 data will be released in Q4 (December 2011). For example, Q3 2013 data will be released in Q4 2013 (December).

  4. Q: How do you calculate the data?
    A: Please refer to our detailed About the data section for further information.

  5. Q: What does 'constant prices' mean?
    A: Please refer to our Glossary, which contains a full listing of terms

  6. Q: Does the report show expenditure for markets other than the UK?
    A: No, the report only covers the UK.

  7. Q: My custom spreadsheets show blanks, what have I done wrong?
    A: Absolutely nothing. A blank cell indicates no data is available.

  8. Q: What titles are covered in the 'national newsbrands' category?
    A: National newsbrands include: Daily Mirror, Daily Star, The Sun, Daily Express, Daily Mail, Daily Telegraph, Financial Times, Guardian, Independent, The Times, Metro, The Sunday Mirror, Daily Star on Sunday, The People, The News of the World, The Express on Sunday, Mail on Sunday, Sun on Sunday, The Sunday Telegraph, The Observer, The Independent on Sunday, The Sunday Times.

  9. Q: What categories are included in the Advertising Association category data?
    A: Advertising Association categories are based on the following Nielsen major product categories:

    • Consumables: Food; drink; cosmetics & toiletries; pharmaceutical; household stores; tobacco & accessories
    • Durables: Motors; household equipment; household appliances; leisure equipment; clothing & accessories; games & consoles
    • Services: Entertainment & the media; travel & transport
    • Retail: Retail; mail order; online retail
    • Financial: Finance
    • Industrial: Telecoms; computers; business & industrial; property; gardening & agricultural; office equipment & supplies
    • Government: Government; social & political organisations; charities
  10. Q: What are production costs?
    A: Production costs refer to the cost of producing a print advertisement, radio ad, television ad, or any other advertising materials.

Reproducing data from the Expenditure Report

  1. Q: Am I allowed to reproduce data in my reports?
    A: You can include immaterial extracts of Advertising Association/WARC data in internal reports or presentations, but permission must be sought from your Client Services Manager to republish significant amounts of data or to publish data externally. For more information about how you can use the data please refer to sections 5 and 6 of the Terms and Conditions.